Shop by style

Your interior shows who you are. So it’s important to figure out which style you’re most leaning to. While putting together our collection we try to design contemporary & versitile pieces. Materials and design are chosen so you can mix and match our products in any style easily. To help you get your mind straight and to give you a taste of how our lighting & furniture looks in various interior styles, we’ve put together ‘Shop by style’.

Trending in 2023: Slow living

To create a soothing, relaxing environment we like to fall back on the basics. Less is more. We revert to the minimalistic interior style in our

Mid century chique

Inspired by the use of exciting materials and shapes that are so typical for the living style Mid century modern, we add an extra touch of elegance to our designs. Discover Mid century chique.


‘Everything in life… has to have balance’ . This certainly goes for the Japandi living style. Where Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics meet. Feeling curious already?

Rustic Minimalism

The very popular Rural living style has made quit an evolution over the years. Today the base is minimalism: sleek and light. The 'Rustic' part is what gives it the aqcuired cosy & authentic feeling.

Industrial elegance

We are madly in love with the edge and spice of the Industrial living style. The addition of that touch of refinement makes it typicaly Atmooz. May we present you: Industrial elegance.