Discounts from 25%
Discounts from 25%
Table lamps

Table lamps

A carefully selected table lamp in the perfect place sets the mood. It can effortlessly infuse a space with a cozy, romantic atmosphere or resolutely light up part of your interior to show it off. Discover the extensive Atmooz collection and set the mood you want!
Table Lamp Hoody
Regular price€156,00€117,00
    Table Lamp Mush
    Regular price€178,00€130,00
      Table lamp Flight
      Regular price€170,00€127,00
        Table lamp Unami
        Regular price€156,00€117,00
          Table lamp Ghandia
          Regular price€198,00€148,00
            Table lamp Bhilai | black
            Regular price€236,00€177,00
              Table lamp Valencienne | black
              Regular price€234,00€175,00
                Table lamp Urbino | black
                Regular price€192,00€144,00
                  Table lamp Bhilai | antique brass
                  Regular price€270,00€199,00
                    Table lamp Valencienne | antique brass
                    Regular price€274,00€205,00
                      Table lamp Urbino | antique brass
                      Regular price€235,00€164,00
                        Table lamp Pomery | antique brass
                        Regular price€158,00€118,00
                          Table lamp Pomery | black
                          Regular price€148,00€109,00
                            Table lamp Mika
                            Regular price€198,00€128,00
                              Table lamp Stylo
                              Regular price€188,00€139,00
                                Table lamp Emile
                                Regular price€128,00€76,00
                                  Table lamp Umbra
                                  Regular price€126,00€94,00
                                    Table lamp Braga | black
                                    Regular price€178,00€133,00
                                      Table lamp Eden
                                      Regular price€159,00€119,00
                                        Table lamp Braga | antique brass
                                        Regular price€210,00€155,00

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