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Wall lights

Wall lights

A wall light is discreet and makes use of the wall to set the mood. Creating depth, playing with surfaces and shadows while adding subtle ambient light to your interior. And did I mention they are rather small so they fit any room? Perfect to illuminate your shadowy corners or hallways. Discover our little pieces of wall art...

Wall light Arturo | black
Regular price€126,00€106,00
    Wall light Gerona | black
    Regular price€69,00€58,00
      Wall light Royal | black
      Regular price€106,00€89,00
        Wall light Arturo | antique brass
        Regular price€158,00€126,00
          Wall light Gerona | antique brass
          Regular price€98,00€73,00
            Wall lightRoyal | antique brass
            Regular price€139,00€98,00
              Wall light Medoc
              Regular price€106,00€84,00
                Wall lamp Nuo | black
                Regular price€59,00€38,00
                  Wall light Nuo | white
                  Regular price€59,00€39,00
                    Wall light Peniche
                    Regular price€59,00€47,00
                      Wall light Dora
                      Regular price€59,00€44,00
                        Wall light Twilight
                        Regular price€106,00€84,00
                          Wall light Mendoza
                          Regular price€128,00€99,00
                            Wall light Tommaso
                            Regular price€112,00€89,00
                              Wall light Teresina
                              Regular price€127,00€88,00
                                Wall light Finn
                                Regular price€78,00€59,00
                                  Wall light Paulo
                                  Regular price€104,00€83,00
                                    Wall light Bogota
                                    Regular price€106,00€74,00
                                      Wall light Duomo
                                      Regular price€128,00€89,00
                                        Wall light Balto
                                        Regular price€106,00€68,00

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