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Japanese aesthetics and Scandinavian design: Mix'em well and you get a very cool home trend with a unique take on what you might call a new kind of minimalism. This interior style perfectly combines cosiness and comfort with elegant zen. In this style, you choose a few statement pieces, rather than lots of decoration. Lighting can play an important role here: either in creating tranquillity and harmony, or as a real eye-catcher!

Japandi: Hygge meets precision

Calm. Organic. Sleek lines. We gladly provide the eye-catcher.
Pendant light Zita L | natural
Regular price€428,00€385,20
    Pendant light Zita L | black
    Regular price€428,00€385,20
      Pendant light Zita M | natural
      Regular price€342,00€307,80
        Pendant light Zita M | black
        Regular price€342,00€307,80
          Pendant light Balls 9 | black | rectangular
          Regular price€610,00€549,00
            Pendant light Balls 5 | black | line-up
            Regular price€320,00€176,00
              Pendant light Balls 5 | black | round
              Regular price€358,00€322,20
                Pendant light Mucho
                Regular price€258,00€232,20
                  Pendant light Merida
                  Regular price€426,00€383,40
                    Pendant light Jacob
                    Regular price€124,00€68,00
                      Mirror Stone L
                      Regular price€208,00€176,80
                        Mirror Stone S
                        Regular price€158,00€134,30
                          Mirror Stone M
                          Regular price€188,00€159,80
                            Mirror Stone | S/3 (S+M+L)
                            Regular price€499,00€424,15
                              Mirror Stone XL
                              Regular price€338,00€287,30
                                Stand Highland
                                Regular price€188,00€150,40
                                  Floor lamp Ruby
                                  Regular price€298,00€253,30
                                    Floor Lamp Ralph
                                    Regular price€398,00€338,30
                                      Floor lamp Mucho
                                      Regular price€288,00€244,80
                                        Floor lamp Jacob
                                        Regular price€291,00€116,00
                                          Floor lamp Mika
                                          Regular price€295,00€147,00
                                            Floor lamp Pomery | black
                                            Regular price€235,00€199,75
                                              Table lamp Tamak
                                              Regular price€154,00€123,20
                                                Table lamp Stylo
                                                Regular price€188,00€129,00
                                                  Table lamp Mika
                                                  Regular price€198,00€118,00
                                                    Table lamp Pomery | black
                                                    Regular price€148,00€118,40
                                                      Wall light Twilight
                                                      Regular price€106,00€79,50
                                                        Wall light Arturo | black
                                                        Regular price€126,00€94,50
                                                          Wall light Nuo | white
                                                          Regular price€59,00€37,00
                                                            Ceiling light Nuo Fix | white
                                                            Regular price€42,00€31,50
                                                              Ceiling light Nuo 3 | white
                                                              Regular price€155,00€116,25
                                                                Ceiling light Nuo 2 | white
                                                                Regular price€115,00€86,25
                                                                  Ceiling light Nuo 1 | white
                                                                  Regular price€65,00€48,75

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