Shop the look

Shop the look

Are you curious of how that Atmooz lamp you've got your eye on, would fit in your interior? Or are you in doubt about which direction you should take to make your house a home that reflects your personality? Come and take a walk with us through these real interiors. Be ready to get inspired!


A serene oasis for sun-drenched days: welcome to project MHZ. The interior architect transformed this pool house into a stylish interior. Every detail has been carefully designed and placed, resulting in sublime elegance. Light colors create tranquility, while the Carpet Sheep adds warmth. The timeless charm of Mortex provides the perfect finishing touch.

Project VME

Discover project VME. An interplay of organic shapes, light shades and playful accents. Stretch out on the Abby sofa while admiring the eye-catcher of the room: Pendant Camau 9. The black & gold accents in de lamps make it complete.

Project VCS

Welcome to this elegant family home, where attention to detail is central. Experience a relaxing tête-à-tête in the Montreal seats and later in the evening settle down with the whole family in the Citizen sofa. The combination of soft tones allows you to completely relax here. Come and see our beautiful Atmooz collection shine in this project.

SUNDAE 2.0 x Atmooz

The Sundae home and lifestyle platform grew out of founder Eline Rousseau’s pure passion for living. The idea to focus on everyday interiors and practical tips arose from a lack of authenticity and simply feasibility. The plan? Renovating a house and visualising the renovation step by step online. To achieve this, Sundae calls on its ‘Friends’. These friends are reliable partners, inspiring and high-quality Belgian brands. Atmooz is very proud to be part of this renovation adventure. As you can see, our lighting fits in wonderfully, even makes it complete (as lighting often does)… We dare to say that we have set the unique Atmooz – mood in the Sundaehouse!

Project CJZ

For this renovation project they used a combination of warm colors and organic elements. They provide a fresh and contemporary look. The wooden furniture in the project contributes to the warmth of the space. The concrete floor provides a modern look and is also durable. To create contrast, some black accents have been added, such as the Atmooz lamps. These give the room an extra modern look.

Project RL

This interior project has a rustic style that is characterized by a warm and cozy atmosphere. The lamps contribute to the coziness in the large rooms. The color palette of the furniture consists of natural oak combined with neutral tones, which makes the accent lighting stand out even more. Every corner is finished down to the last detail.

La Réserve - Knokke

A new epitome of luxury was born in the hotel industry. La Réserve in Knokke stands for refined wealth and stylish elegance. It is with great pride that Atmooz was exclusively chosen to provide lighting for the rooms and suites, adding an aura of exclusivity to this extraordinary establishment. Our beautiful lamps radiate their brilliance throughout all 110 rooms of this iconic hotel. Elevating every corner to a sublime level of magnificence. Curious about the astonishing result? Discover our craftsmanship by visiting Hotel La Réserve. We are grateful to Marc Coucke and Bart Versluys for trusting their vision to us. With your foresight, La Réserve once again shines as the jewel of Knokke.

Project VOT

Welcome to a world of style and quality. In project VOT, a modern new-build home was given a warm touch. Enjoy the fireplace on the cosy sofa with a good book next to the floorlamp Bisho. And, organize the coziest dinner parties at the Erin table with the beautiful pendant light Camau. Together with the other golden elements such as the table lamp Braga and the floor lamp Faillance they provide an elegant accent in the room. Discover the entire project on Charrell's website.

Project GM

Welcome to project GM. The architect brought warmth into this modern home. The various interior pieces form a harmonious whole in this total project. Discover the Madrid dining table or be inspired by the Flinn rack: a designer cabinet that shows off your decoration. The lamps complete the interior.

Project CH

Project CH, a modern project, designed and implemented completely tailor-made to the customer's needs. A refined interior that appeals to the imagination: there is something to surprise you in every corner. Such as the beautiful Erin Dining Table, the Sofa Citizen and the breathtaking lighting from Atmooz. They also transformed the kitchen & bathroom into a beautiful result.

Coup de foudre

Sometimes you just know right away.. This is it. Now I am where I want to be.
This lovely house is located on a quiet street next to a large forest that’s been there for more than two decades... Over the years, the home has been lovingly restored and updated. Thanks to smart renovations that respect the distinctiveness of the house, it is now bathed in light and fits in perfectly with today’s style aesthetic, yet has retained its boyish charm.

Come take a look in Niki's home

Meet Niki, interiorjunk, animal lover and a true DIY wizz.
Her biggest challenge? How do you transform a was to transform her brand new sleek building into a warm nest. In style, of course. As you can see, the focus is entirely on neutral colours, honest materials such as wood and organic shapes. A good example of Niki's typical sense of style is the dining area. The walls and ceiling were painted in bright white. Niki applied molluscs herself to the walls to create the optical effect of panels. Be sure to check the 'clogged' door. The wooden chairs and round table give this room instant warmth and cosiness. To top it all off, the Sapa hanging lamp with Segula Floating Globes is the icing on the cake here: round shapes and warm color that perfectly matches the wood of the table.
I am sure we will be often surprised by Niki, cat Maurice, chicken Wilma and all the other members of this beautiful family! Do you want to learn more? Be sure to check out the INSTA account @_interiorbynik

An island in the big city

Life in the city is hectic. Full of life, noises and people. It’s exciting! You can do anything, anytime… But believe me, to weigh up to all these wonderfull impulses and experiences you’re gonna want a piecefull getaway. A place to feel at home, to relax. A place where you can leave the ratrace at the door.
Let me take you to this lovely appartment. The basic design is minimal so it creates an immediate calm atmosphere. The choice of materials and colours however, gives it it's elegance and warmth. Like when you enter this cocoon, automaticaly noises fade , your head feels free and you can take a deep breath…