The rural interior that we all used to know has really been transformed in recent years. Minimalism has found its way into this popular style. Where previously brocante accessories, dark colours and rather heavy furniture were centre stage, now it can all be a bit more airy and sleek. Key words are: Sleek. Basic. Pure. Warm & cosy. 



Basis: Colours & materials

The basis is simple: sleek minimalism. An interior without clutter with clear, clean lines and large free surfaces. Wonderful. Restful. You just have to be careful that it doesn't get too cold and soulless. And that's exactly where the Rustic touch comes in! 

The characteristic use of natural materials remains hugely important. Think of  wood, natural stone and metal. Sleek plastered walls but finished, for example, with a  chalk or lime paint to soften the sharp edges. You could even use the concrete look on the floor and walls. For fabrics, natural remains the best choice.  Linen, leather and cotton dominate.  Make it extra cosy with a cow or sheep skin or a (fake) fur pillow. Mixing textures makes the whole thing cool & interesting! The overall colour palette is neutral. Beige, white, grey in all its facets. Draw your inspiration from nature. Make sure that the materials and colours flow into each other perfectly. Add subtle accents with colours like sage, ochre, peach, old blue and black. This style doesn't take much! Be careful... Stay away from accent walls or large areas in different colours. Let the clean architecture and natural materials speak for themselves.

Keep it simple

Go for quality. Proportion. Pieces that make your heart beat faster. This style is all about a sense of space, tranquillity, unity with nature. Limit the amount of free-standing furniture to just what you really need. Leave a wall completely free here and there. When choosing furniture, follow the same basic principles: clean, simple lines, natural materials, neutral colour palette. Complement with a vintage designer piece to add a playful touch, if necessary. Look for a painting that puts a smile on your face. Raise the bar 😉

Light as an eye-catcher

It's all about peace, space and light. So don't underestimate the importance of daylight. Draw it in wherever you can. Organise your home around the incident natural light. Support it with mirrors or reflective surfaces in smart places. For example, consider a dining room table with marble top. This material is durable, trendy and reflects the light in a subtle way. Lighting is also very important to create atmosphere. But it's more than that. Lighting also makes a style statement. Because you're going for an interior with a minimum of elements, you can go wild with your lighting choice.

Step one is choosing a solid show-stopper for above the dining table. The advantage of Rustic Minimalism is that there is room for trends. Glass cluster lights, sleek hanging lamps with white glass globes, metal industrial hanging lamps with vintage light sources... Everything goes with your neutral basis!

This choice is the starting point...

Table and floor lamps are great to make it extra cosy.  And because a picture says more than a 1000 words I'd rather just show you why lighting is just as important for the atmosphere and feel that a room radiates.

Start with the Camau hanging lamp

Clear glass spheres... Playfully cheerful, festively chic. The tone is set at your dining table!

Set the mood with the Urbino table lamp

The light is diffused by the white linen lampshade and bathes your seating area in warm light.

... and finish it off with the Ruby floor lamp

Not quite the same, but still...  Peace and continuity. Effortless class.