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Pendant lights

Pendant lights

Lighting is chosen in function of the style of your interior. Since a pendant often draws the eye in a space, it requires careful consideration… At Atmooz, you will find a unique collection of pendants. Each one has been selected to make your quest for the perfect light easier. Explore our collection and find the perfect match!

Pendant light Camau 9
Regular price€420,00€378,00
    Pendant light Mucho
    Regular price€258,00€232,20
      Pendant light Saigon 7 | rectangular
      Regular price€638,00€574,20
        Pendant light Camau 5
        Regular price€295,00€265,50
          Pendant light Merida
          Regular price€426,00€383,40
            Pendant light Hanoi incl. Floating light bulbs
            Regular price€713,00€641,70
              Pendant light Hanoi
              Regular price€280,00€252,00
                Pendant light Sapa 5
                Regular price€158,00€142,20
                  Pendant light Jacob
                  Regular price€124,00€68,00
                    Pendant light Zita L | natural
                    Regular price€428,00€385,20
                      Pendant light Zita L | black
                      Regular price€428,00€385,20
                        Pendant light Zita M | natural
                        Regular price€342,00€307,80
                          Pendant light Zita M | black
                          Regular price€342,00€307,80
                            Pendant light Miguel | natural
                            Regular price€360,00€324,00
                              Pendant light Miguel | black
                              Regular price€360,00€324,00
                                Pendant light Dots L | antique brass
                                Regular price€298,00€268,20
                                  Pendant light Dots S | antique brass
                                  Regular price€226,00€203,40
                                    Pendant light Dots S | black
                                    Regular price€198,00€178,20
                                      Pendant light Noury 9 | rectangle
                                      Regular price€396,00€158,00

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