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Rustic minimalism

The rural interior that we all used to know has really been transformed in recent years. Minimalism has found its way into this popular style. The basis is simple: sleek minimalism.  An interior without clutter with clear, clean lines and large free surfaces. Wonderful. Restful. You just have to be careful that it doesn't get too cold and soulless. And that's exactly where the Rustic touch comes in! 

We add the Rustic to Minimalism.

Peaceful. Sleek but warm with a natural feel.
Hanglamp Noury 9 | rechthoek
Regular price€396,00€237,00
    Hanglamp Merida
    Regular price€426,00
      Hanglamp Doyle
      Regular price€267,00€199,00
        Hanglamp Dixon 140
        Regular price€480,00€359,00
          Poef Alice - Quintero Gunmetal
          Regular price€495,00€445,00
            Kussen Quintero - gunmetal
            Regular price€89,00
              Vloerlamp Moyo | zwart
              Regular price€321,00
                Vloerlamp Moyo | antique brass
                Regular price€398,00€358,00
                  Vloerlamp Potsdam | zwart
                  Regular price€274,00
                    Vloerlamp Potsdam | antique brass
                    Regular price€330,00
                      Vloerlamp Bolivia | antique brass
                      Regular price€378,00
                        Vloerlamp Matera
                        Regular price€334,00
                          Vloerlamp Ralph
                          Regular price€398,00
                            Vloerlamp Ruby
                            Regular price€298,00
                              Vloerlamp Faillance | zwart
                              Regular price€168,00€122,00
                                Vloerlamp Floyd
                                Regular price€355,00
                                  Vloerlamp Bisho
                                  Regular price€284,00
                                    Vloerlamp Belford
                                    Regular price€328,00
                                      Vloerlamp Toledo
                                      Regular price€256,00
                                        Vloerlamp Soweto
                                        Regular price€338,00
                                          Tafellamp Matera | antique brass
                                          Regular price€238,00
                                            Tafellamp Belford
                                            Regular price€198,00
                                              Tafellamp Bailo | zwart
                                              Regular price€208,00
                                                Tafellamp Rome
                                                Regular price€198,00
                                                  Tafellamp Amadora
                                                  Regular price€185,00
                                                    Tafellamp Moyo | zwart
                                                    Regular price€200,00
                                                      Tafellamp Meru
                                                      Regular price€198,00
                                                        Tafellamp Matera | zwart
                                                        Regular price€198,00
                                                          Tafellamp Bisho
                                                          Regular price€168,00
                                                            Tafellamp Valencienne | zwart
                                                            Regular price€234,00
                                                              Tafellamp Bhilai | zwart
                                                              Regular price€236,00
                                                                Tafellamp Bhilai | antique brass
                                                                Regular price€270,00
                                                                  Tafellamp Urbino | zwart
                                                                  Regular price€192,00
                                                                    Handdoekenrek Tulia
                                                                    Regular price€179,00
                                                                      Parapluhouder Dalton
                                                                      Regular price€174,00
                                                                        Bijzettafel Lola
                                                                        Regular price€540,00€432,00
                                                                          Ladder Mala
                                                                          Regular price€178,00
                                                                            Console Damon
                                                                            Regular price€578,00
                                                                              Handdoekenrek Donau | zwart
                                                                              Regular price€168,00
                                                                                Spiegel Merope | zwart
                                                                                Regular price€230,00
                                                                                  Salontafel Conner
                                                                                  Regular price€925,00
                                                                                    Bijzettafel Conner S/2
                                                                                    Regular price€560,00
                                                                                      Bijzettafel Conner S
                                                                                      Regular price€310,00
                                                                                        Tafellamp Palomino
                                                                                        Regular price€210,00

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