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I prefer Atmoozpheric shades

The time of flowery lampshades in drafty interiors is long gone! It is time to restore the reputation of the lampshade. In our opinion? A lampshade diffuses the light in a way nothing else can. It gives warmth, a feeling of comfort and adds unmistakable class to your interior. Atmooz is known for it’s collection of timeless, sleek designs. So, our lamps with shade fit in wonderfully in any contempory, modern interior style. In fact, they own it.

Redemption of the lampshades.

Warm & cosy. Stylish & sleek. Modern comfort.
Floor lamp Ruby
Regular price€298,00€249,00
    Floor Lamp Ralph
    Regular price€398,00€318,00
      Floor lamp Toledo
      Regular price€256,00€217,00
        Floor lamp Belford
        Regular price€328,00€309,00
          Floor lamp Potsdam | black
          Regular price€274,00€246,00
            Floor lamp Potsdam | antique brass
            Regular price€330,00€280,00
              Floor lamp Moyo | black
              Regular price€321,00€272,00
                Floor lamp Moyo | antique brass
                Regular price€398,00€278,00
                  Floor lamp Bolivia | black
                  Regular price€310,00€294,00
                    Floor lamp Bolivia | antique brass
                    Regular price€378,00€279,00
                      Floor lamp Paula | black
                      Regular price€310,00€279,00
                        Floor lamp Paula | antique brass
                        Regular price€398,00€318,00
                          Floor lamp Agra
                          Regular price€270,00€198,00
                            Floor lamp Cristo
                            Regular price€300,00€225,00
                              Floor lamp Matera
                              Regular price€334,00€300,00
                                Table lamp Meru
                                Regular price€198,00€158,00
                                  Table lamp Bhilai | black
                                  Regular price€236,00€212,00
                                    Table lamp Bhilai | antique brass
                                    Regular price€270,00€243,00
                                      Table lamp Matera | black
                                      Regular price€198,00€178,00
                                        Table lamp matera | antique brass
                                        Regular price€238,00€199,00
                                          Table lamp Urbino | black
                                          Regular price€192,00€149,00
                                            Table lamp Urbino | antique brass
                                            Regular price€235,00€188,00
                                              Table lamp Bailo | black
                                              Regular price€208,00€176,00
                                                Table lamp Valencienne | black
                                                Regular price€234,00€198,00
                                                  Table lamp Moyo | black
                                                  Regular price€200,00€169,00
                                                    Table lamp Belford
                                                    Regular price€198,00€168,00
                                                      Table lamp Kyle
                                                      Regular price€116,00€87,00
                                                        Table lamp Rome
                                                        Regular price€198,00€148,00
                                                          Table lamp Amadora
                                                          Regular price€185,00€157,00
                                                            Table lamp Francesco
                                                            Regular price€106,00€84,00
                                                              Table lamp Buranella
                                                              Regular price€108,00€86,00
                                                                Table lamp Pedro
                                                                Regular price€104,00€83,00
                                                                  Table lamp Tanji
                                                                  Regular price€188,00€149,00
                                                                    Table lamp Swan
                                                                    Regular price€124,00€99,00
                                                                      Table lamp Natal
                                                                      Regular price€166,00€129,00
                                                                        Table lamp Cali
                                                                        Regular price€175,00€139,00
                                                                          Table lamp Cavalieri
                                                                          Regular price€175,00€122,00
                                                                            Table lamp Oman
                                                                            Regular price€138,00€96,00
                                                                              Table lamp Essau
                                                                              Regular price€220,00€143,00
                                                                                Wall light Duomo
                                                                                Regular price€128,00€83,00
                                                                                  Wall light Bogota
                                                                                  Regular price€106,00€90,00
                                                                                    Wall light Paulo
                                                                                    Regular price€104,00€83,00
                                                                                      Wall light Finn
                                                                                      Regular price€78,00€58,00
                                                                                        Wall light Teresina
                                                                                        Regular price€127,00€82,00
                                                                                          Wall light Tommaso
                                                                                          Regular price€112,00€99,00
                                                                                            Wall light Mendoza
                                                                                            Regular price€128,00€115,00
                                                                                              Table lamp Palomino
                                                                                              Regular price€210,00€157,00

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