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Atmooz by night

Because we use the bedroom mainly when it's dark outside,choosing the right lighting is very important to set the right mood. However, beyond sleeping, the bedroom has become more of a place to hang out. To escape the rat race for a while. Read a book, get some work done, catch up on your favourite series in peace and, last but not least... a little romance!

Night lights. Are. Indispensable.

Minimal. Romantic. High end. And functional.
Table lamp Pomery | antique brass
Regular price€158,00€118,00
Table lamp Pomery | black
Regular price€148,00€118,00
Table lamp Evora
Regular price€146,00€124,00
Table lamp Bisho
Regular price€168,00€139,00
Table lamp Natal
Regular price€166,00€129,00
Table lamp Swan
Regular price€124,00€99,00
Table lamp Pedro
Regular price€104,00€83,00
Table lamp Kyle
Regular price€116,00€87,00
Wall light Medoc
Regular price€106,00€84,00
Wall lamp Nuo | black
Regular price€59,00€38,00
Wall light Nuo | white
Regular price€59,00€39,00
Wall light Duomo
Regular price€128,00€89,00
Wall light Paulo
Regular price€104,00€83,00
Wall light Finn
Regular price€78,00€59,00
Wall light Mendoza
Regular price€128,00€99,00
Floor lamp Faillance | black
Regular price€168,00€89,00
Floor lamp Kisoro | antique brass
Regular price€420,00€355,00
Floor lamp Kisoro | black
Regular price€320,00€256,00
Pendant light Zita L | black
Regular price€428,00€319,00
Pendant light Jacob
Regular price€124,00€86,00
Pendant light Mucho
Regular price€258,00€199,00
Side Table Conner S
Regular price€310,00€229,00
Side Table Conner S/2
Regular price€560,00€476,00

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