Pendants under 350

Pendants under 350

Discover the elegance of affordable luxury with our curated selection of pendants under 350 euros. Each piece is crafted to add a touch of sophistication to your ensemble without breaking the bank. From timeless classics to modern designs, find the perfect accessory to elevate your style. Shop now and indulge in the allure of high-quality pendants that promise to make a statement.

-50% NEW Pendant Yassa S
Suspension Yassa S
Prix habituel 82,-
Prix habituel 164,- Prix de vente 82,-
-25% NEW Pendant light Reese 5 | round
Suspension Reese 5 | rond
Prix habituel 251,-
Prix habituel 335,- Prix de vente 251,-
-19% NEW Pendant Tapco
Suspension Tapco
Prix habituel 348,-
Prix habituel 430,- Prix de vente 348,-
-35% OUTLET Suspension Zita L | noir
Suspension Zita L | noir
Prix habituel 278,-
Prix habituel 428,- Prix de vente 278,-
-30% OUTLET Pendant light Salento
Suspension Salento
Prix habituel 277,-
Prix habituel 396,- Prix de vente 277,-
-19% Pendant light Saigon 5 | round
Suspension Saigon 5 | rond
Prix habituel 298,-
Prix habituel 368,- Prix de vente 298,-
-30% NEW Pendant Pallaton
Suspension Pallaton
Prix habituel 313,-
Prix habituel 448,- Prix de vente 313,-
-20% BESTSELLER Pendant light Merida
Suspension Merida
Prix habituel 349,-
Prix habituel 440,- Prix de vente 349,-
-20% BESTSELLER Pendant Jasmin | black
Suspension Jasmin | noir
Prix habituel 337,-
Prix habituel 422,- Prix de vente 337,-
-21% BESTSELLER false
Suspension Jasmin | laiton antique
Prix habituel 333,-
Prix habituel 422,- Prix de vente 333,-
-36% NEW Pendant light Floris
Suspension Floris
Prix habituel 246,-
Prix habituel 385,- Prix de vente 246,-
-30% BESTSELLER Pendant light Camau 9 | antique brass (black cables)
Suspension Camau 9 | laiton antique (câbles noires)
Prix habituel 313,-
Prix habituel 448,- Prix de vente 313,-
-40% OUTLET Suspension Balls 5 | or | ronde
Suspension Balls 5 | or | ronde
Prix habituel 232,-
Prix habituel 388,- Prix de vente 232,-
-50% OUTLET Suspension Balls 5 | or | line-up
Suspension Balls 5 | or | line-up
Prix habituel 180,-
Prix habituel 360,- Prix de vente 180,-
-15% NEW Pendant Sapa 5 - incl. Organic Neo & Evo light bulbs
Suspension Sapa 5 - incl. Organic Neo & Evo ampoules
Prix habituel 276,-
Prix habituel 325,- Prix de vente 276,-
-16% NEW Pendant Sapa 5 - incl. Avesta, Boden & Kiruna light bulbs
Suspension Sapa 5 - incl. Avesta, Boden & Kiruna ampoules
Prix habituel 299,-
Prix habituel 356,- Prix de vente 299,-
-80% OUTLET Suspension Noury 9 | rectangle
Suspension Noury 9 | rectangle
Prix habituel 79,-
Prix habituel 396,- Prix de vente 79,-
-19% NEW Pendant Osumi | black
Suspension Osumi | noir
Prix habituel 119,-
Prix habituel 148,- Prix de vente 119,-

Luxury Design Pendants at Atmooz

A ceiling pendant light provides optimal lighting above the dining table or coffee table. A modern pendant lamp above the dining table is not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing, even when the lamp is off. With our range of pendant lamps, beautiful design is always guaranteed.

Our designer pendant lamps range from simple and modest to striking and extravagant. Simple designs, such as a sleek metal lamp or a minimalist glass globe, make a stylish and subtle impression and add to the sophisticated look of your interior. For those looking for a more striking design, we offer pendant lamps with spheres or pendant lamps with artistic shapes. These graceful lamps have different shapes that are not only visually appealing but also provide unique light diffusion. A pendant lamp for every room Pendant lamps are not only suitable for above the dining table but also perfect for other rooms in the house. In the children's room, a wooden pendant lamp can create a beautiful play of light thanks to the openwork material. In the hall, a pendant lamp with bulbs can be a wonderful addition. In the study, a pendant lamp above the desk comes in handy, and for extra flexibility, choose a lamp with a height-adjustable cord. Want more advice on which light source to choose for which room? Find out in this blog. Order your luxury pendant lamp easily at Atmooz Have you found something that appeals to you? You can easily order a luxury pendant lamp online at Atmooz. Discover other furniture and accessories in the same style to complete your home. Do you have any questions or would you like personal advice before buying? Feel free to contact us. At Atmooz you will find everything you need for a stylish and luxurious interior.