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The first thing to know when choosing lighting for your dining room is that this choice will have a major impact on the final look of your interior. But... no pressure 😉
Don't you worry. We'll guide you through it. With our tips & tricks as a guideline, you can't go wrong…

Fun & Function

Above the dining table you go for a real eye-catcher… A pendant, chosen to fit your table, as a statement piece of the style you have chosen. Here you can completely immerse yourself. The result does not have to be discreet. On the contrary.

But your pendant lamp should not only be beautiful. She also has to make sure that you can do everything you normally do around the dinner table. You have to be able to adapt the atmosphere and function to the moment: from a romantic dinner, a cozy apero with friends, over a board game to reading the newspaper or even working.
Make sure you can dim the hanging lamp! Choose dimmable LED lighting.

Size matters

Which hanging lamp is perfect for your dining table in terms of shape and size? It is very important that the pendant lamp illuminates not only the center, but the entire table. The attachment point is usually provided right in the middle of the table. If not, you can easily alter that. A handy man will fix it in the blink af an eye.

If you have a rectangular or oval dining table, be sure to choose a pendant with different fittings in the same shape so that the light is distributed well from left to right. You can also hang several hanging lamps next to each other to bridge the distance.

Above a round or square dining table, a lamp with a round ceiling plate looks beautiful. This can be a lamp with a single fitting but round lamps with several light points are also perfect.

The key question: How high should your hanging lamp hang above the table? 

Read 10 blogs and you'll get 10 different 'ideal heights'. It's not an exact science... The ideal height for your family depends on your own height. And more specifically on the height of tallest among you... When he (or she) is standing up, the bottom of the lamp should be about level with his (or her) eyes. Then, once everyone is sitting, no one will be dazzled by the glare of light in their eyes and the lamp will not be in the field of vision of anyone around the table.


Because the dining room is usually a large space and often spills over into the kitchen and/or living space, your hanging lamp is going to need help to get the job done. 

Sfeer breng je, aanvullend op de gekozen showstopper boven je eettafel, door een goedgekozen tafel en/of vloerlamp toe te voegen aan het spel. Deze moeten niet hetzelfde zijn, want we houden van contrast, maar liggen wel in dezelfde lijn. De Unami tafellamp is een prachtig item dat in elke stijl past door zijn eigentijdse klasse en tijdloos design.

Om de basis te coveren heb je plafondlampen of spots en wandlampen nodig. Deze zorgen voor een algemene, gelijkmatige verdeling van licht over de ganse ruimte. Vergelijk het met een theater: voor de show begint,
staat de basisverlichting aan zodat je eenvoudig de weg naar je stoel vindt. Onze Nuo-collectie in wit en zwart deze verlichting kan je door je ganse interieur gebruiken. Zo creëer je eenheid en rust.

All you have to do is follow these tips to find the perfect hanging lamp for above your dining table. Have fun shopping!

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