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You may have chosen the most beautiful, the most original designer lamp... but it all hangs on choosing the right light source. To create the right mood, read a book without straining your eyes or chop vegetables without sunglasses, you need the right light source.

Start from the shape of your chosen lamp

Does your lamp have an open or transparent shape? If so, the light source will be visible so you should opt for a trendy model with a beautiful colour of glass and filaments. In such cases, the choice of light source will determine the luminaire's final look.

Of course Atmooz wouldn't be Atmooz if the perfect light source was not provided for every fixture:

Hanoi I Riley I Zita

De organinsche shape van de cognackleurige Segula Floatings zorgt voor hippe gezelligheid en stijl.

Ga full on industrial met onze eigen Globe & Edison spiral LED's

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With an open lampshade such as our Zita, the choice of light source can influence whether the shadow pattern is more or less clearly reflected on the surroundings. When the light is emitted evenly from a larger surface area, such as with the LED filamentlampen Globe en Edison, you get softer shadows. If the light comes from a smaller, more concentrated point, like a halogen lamp, you get sharper shadow patterns with more impact.

Beauty ànd brains

Whereas the look is determined by the luminaire and the choice of light source, you have to take the more technical characteristics of the light source into account if you want to create the right mood. 

Light intensity (Lumen)

How many lumens you need depends on several factors. Consider the size and shape of the room, the height of the ceilings and the lamp's function. Moreover, incident daylight and the colours of the surroundings also play an important role.

If you want to know more about this topic, read our blog Watt about Lumen

Lichtkleur (Kelvin)

Met lichtkleur wordt bedoeld de kleurtemperatuur die aangeeft of een lichtbron kouder (witter) of warmer (geler) licht geeft. De waarde wordt aangegeven in Kelvin. Hoe lager het getal, hoe warmer het licht. De lichtkleur
die jij prefereert, is een puur persoonlijke keuze!

Ik geef je hier even kort mee aan wat je je mag verwachten… Als je er alles over wil weten klik dan verder naar de blog: ‘10 voor sfeer! Wat is kleurtemperatuur?’

Temperaturen van 2000 K tot 3000 K zijn'warme kleuren' herkenbaar  aan de aangename gelige gloed die ze uitstralen. Ideaal om sfeer te scheppen.

Temperaturen van 3300K tot 5300K hebben een frisse eerder witte tint en noemen we 'koude kleuren'. Ideaal voor je thuiswerkplek of wasruimte.

Temperaturen vanaf 5300 K noemen we ‘daglicht’. Niet zo geschikt voor een huiselijke omgeving dus 😉

Sustainability (LED)

LED lighting consumes significantly less electricity compared to other light sources. The savings can be 80% to 90% in comparison to incandescent or halogen light bulbs. This isn't just good for your wallet - it is also good for the environment. 

Moreover, LED light sources have a much longer service life than their traditional predecessors. This reduces the ever-growing mountain of waste, and we consume less energy recycling our light bulbs. At Atmooz, we resolutely choose LED in all its forms: Discover all the advantages of LED here

Take all these aspects into account when choosing your light source and you can't go wrong! Go & set the mood!

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