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The bedroom. In the perfect world? An oasis of peace. A place where you feel like you're in a boutique hotel the minute you step inside. The look, the mood and (perhaps less sexy) the multi-functionality.

Beyond sleeping, the bedroom has become more of a place to hang out. To escape the rat race for a while. Read a book, get some work done, catch up on your favourite series in peace and, last but not least... a little romance!

But what does it take?

Start at the beginning. Create space.

To truly unwind, it's important to avoid making your bedroom too cluttered. The challenge is to find the right balance between creating a mood and optimally preserving space. If you don't have a separate dressing room, opt for built-in wardrobes or wardrobes with sliding doors if possible. The space under the bed can be used as extra storage.

By making clever use of window decoration and mirrors, you can optically enlarge the space. With ceiling to floor curtains you can create a large area and avoid 'cutting up' the walls. Hang a mirror on a free wall and make sure you make the most of the natural light. By reflecting the light, you can create more 'daylight' and make the room feel lighter and airier.

In the right light...

Because we use the bedroom mainly when it's dark outside, choosing the right lighting is very important to set the right mood. So think carefully first: what do you want to be able to do in your bedroom? A reading lamp next to your bed is a must-have, dimmable main lighting ensures that you can light up the entire room if necessary, a designer floor lamp for decoration and to create atmosphere next to a lovely armchair,... Provide variety at different levels. Create depth by playing with light and shadow.

Hotel vibes

The ultimate way to achieve a hotel-worthy bedroom is, of course, the finishing touches. Think cuddly, soft and luxurious. Start with a nice duvet, preferably no prints, and an extra large plaid to add colour and texture. Choose soft decorative pillows from the same pallet. There is no such thing as too many cushions, so go nuts. Every bed needs bedside tables, naturally. Think outside the box and go for a set of side tables with golden allure. Or go asymmetric with only a single bedside table on your side of the bed. Add a pouf for extra colour, as a seat or just because it looks great!

And as always... 

Get personal!

Remember: not too cluttered! Make thoughtful choices. Take your time to find the right painting. Be critical when choosing photos. Add a green plant. Coordinate the details properly...

.... And voila! Your oasis is a reality! Close your eyes and focus 😉

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