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There’s no denying it. And we cannot afford to ignore it. Our choices affect the planet. And we only have the one. So, let’s make choices that minimise the impact on our big, blue marble. Which brings me straight to the many benefits of LED lighting.


As opposed to other light sources, LED lighting consumes significantly less electricity. This savings can amount to 80% to 90% in comparison to incandescent or halogen light bulbs. Not only is this good for your wallet - it is also good for the environment. And since so much less power is consumed, choosing LED lighting also contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions. 

In addition, LED light sources have a much longer service life than their traditional predecessors. Take, for example, an LED bulb rated at 30,000 burning hours. If you burn it 8 hours per day, it will last for at least 10 years. That means you only need to replace your LED light bulb once every 10 to 20 years. This reduces the ever-growing mountain of waste, and we consume less energy recycling our light bulbs.

Win – win, as we say.

Minder verbruik + een langere levensduur = kassa!

Als we één en één optellen wordt het snel duidelijk…

Kiezen voor LED verlichting kan je energierekening gevoelig doen dalen. Dus naast de eerder genoemde voordelen is deze rechtstreekse besparing een mooi extraatje.

Veilig met LED

In tegenstelling tot gloei -en halogeenlampen moet je bij LED verlichting geen bang hebben om je vingers te verbranden. Een LED lamp wordt niet warmer dan 50° celsius. Om je wat vergelijkingsmateriaal te geven: een halogeenlamp kan tot 370 graden gaan.

Niet alleen goed nieuws voor je handen maar ook voor je veiligheid! Het risico op brandgevaar of het veroorzaken van schroeiplekken op je wand of plafond is vrijwel nihil. (Alleen even opletten bij de fitting, daar kan de temperatuur wat hoger liggen)

Fake news! LED = cold

In the past, LED lighting was rejected as being ‘cold’ or ‘too bright’. This is not true at all!

LED lighting does not have one particular colour temperature. And, LED lighting comes in all shapes and sizes. When using LED lighting at home, we recommend a colour temperature of around 2.700 Kelvin. This colour temperature provides a pleasant and warm atmosphere. 

The Segula floating LED lamps are the living proof!

So... LED lighting is by far the most sustainable solution, and it ensures that you don't have to compromise on ambience. At Atmooz, we resolutely choose LED. The light sources offered on our website are, without exception, LED bulbs. For each luminaire you choose, you will find the light source that, in our opinion, perfectly matches your choice. No more, no less. 

We also go one step further. Our collection includes a wide range of luminaires with integrated LEDs. Let me explain what that actually means…

As the name suggests, the light source is 'integrated' into the luminaire. There is no need to purchase the light source separately. Therefore, the light source cannot be replaced. You may consider this a disadvantage... but every disadvantage has its advantage! 

The idea behind integrated LEDs is that the luminaire is built completely around the LED module. This prolongs the service life so they last longer. In addition, the designs can be made much finer and more streamlined as there is no need to reserve space for a fitting and a bulb.  A nice example of this is our collection of reading lamps and our Balls-collection. 

Meet the Balls

De individuele balletjes zijn 5 centimeter doorsnee en geven een prachtig helder, warm licht. Alle hanglampen uit de Balls-collectie zijn dimbaar.

Reading lamps with integrated LED

Dit verfijnde design zou je nooit kunnen bekomen, moest je geen gebruik maken van de geïntegreerde LED technologie.

Functional & design

De tafel- en vloerlamp Mika combineert alle voordelen van geïntegreerde LED-technologie in één design: Dimbaar in 3 standen, mooie lichtkleur, geraffineerd design.

Convinced? We certainly are!

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