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Trending: Glass lighting

As in fashion, you see trends that come and go. However, we see that the glass lamp trend has taken hold since last year. Rightly so! Glass lighting is very diverse and has a whole list of advantages… Glass comes in all kinds of colors and shapes and can therefore be found in any interior style.
Smoky glass for mystery, romance. Clear glass for a festive and spatial effect. Milk glass for that typical Mid century vibe. Which one is your favourite?

Glass lighting. Here to stay.

Spacious. Luxurious. Absolutely Fabulous.
Hängeleuchte Camau 5
Normaler Preis€295,00€249,00
    Hängeleuchte Mucho
    Normaler Preis€258,00€199,00
      Tischleuchte Unami
      Normaler Preis€156,00€124,00
        Tischleuchte Ghandia
        Normaler Preis€198,00€168,00
          Hängeleuchte Merida
          Normaler Preis€426,00€359,00
            Hängeleuchte Davos
            Normaler Preis€149,00€126,00
              Tischleuchte Eden
              Normaler Preis€159,00€135,00

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